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The Business of Playing Games

May 15, 2013 | Jacob Leffler

The Basement digital design studio is creating innovative games to bring in customers for Defender Direct, KFC and Professor Garfield

INDIANAPOLIS – They’re in the business of selling experience. The Basement digital design studio creates games that draw you in. Whether it’s crowd surfing, flying an aircraft or stopping a burglar from breaking into a home – it’s all about making sure fans have a fun time online, while the brand succeeds.

You might assume that this level of gamification is being created in California. But major companies are going to Indianapolis’s The Basement because of their history of creating great games that look amazing, are fun to play and help spread the brand’s message.

The Basement created the “Bad Guy on the Block” game for Defender Direct with a unique character set, allowing the user to play the game as the homeowner or as the burglar.

“You can look over the course of time for McDonald’s, General Mills, Michelin or any brand that has used a character. It becomes a part of the company’s image,” says Jacob Leffler, president of The Basement. “These characters are in the same vein and unique to the home security industry.”

The Basement has also created games, or gamified experiences, for Body By Milk, the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Professor Garfield and an award winning game for KFC.

“Designing these games has been a pure joy,” says Brian Phillips, executive creative director for The Basement. “We get a big kick out creating something people want to interact with.”

The Basement was also been hired to produce video vignettes for Defender Direct with the “Bad Guy” character they created by shooting live motion footage then superimposing the animated character in it.

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